The Global Point Prevalence Survey (GLOBAL-PPS)* is a study of unprecedented international scope, which began in 2015, with the aim of providing key information about the use of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance in hospitals worldwide. The GLOBAL-PPS makes it possible to measure the impact of the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship programs designed to reinforce appropriate antibiotic use in hospitals. The GLOBAL-PPS has been endorsed by  WHOCDDEPIDSA  and GARP.

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Sole private sponsor of the GLOBAL-PPS since it was launched, in 2019, bioMérieux once again renewed its support for the coordinating team, Professor Herman Goossens and Dr. Ann Versporten of the University of Antwerp (Belgium). bioMérieux provides financial support and contributes to promoting and developing the study on the ground locally, and in 2019, our teams in Africa, Asia, Canada and Mexico helped to significantly improve medical communications with hospitals, encouraging many of them to take part in this survey.

In 2019, since the launch of the Global-PPS:

  • Over 80 participating countries;
  • More than 800 participating hospitals on all continents;
  • Data collected from over 300,000 hospitalized patients.

A supplementary module on healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) was added in September 2019. It has been used by around 100 hospitals in Belgium, India and the Philippines to implement action plans in order to reduce HAIs and support the appropriate use of antibiotics.

Thirteen scientific articles about the GLOBAL-PPS have been published since it was launched. The most recent one demonstrates the value of the GLOBAL-PPS to support the ECDC-PPS (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Point Prevalence Survey), a similar survey conducted every four years at the European level.

Discover the latest results, published in the journal Lancet Global Health: Lancet Global Health Main Article GLOBAL-PPS

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* bioMérieux is the exclusive private sponsor of the Global Point Prevalence Survey. The Company funds the survey but plays no role in the study design, selection, analysis and interpretation of data nor in drafting the report. The data, which are strictly confidential, are stored anonymously at the Coordination Center of the University of Antwerp.