“Rising AMR is recognized as a major public health challenge by many governments, world organizations and healthcare leaders and more widely, everyone of us should feel concerned.
Diagnostics tools are key to sustain antibiotic efficacy for future generations.”

Mark Miller
Executive Vice President
Chief Medical Officer of bioMérieux

Actively advocating worldwide

Between 2007 and 2015, bioMérieux organized a biannual conference on healthcare-associated infections and bacterial resistance, modelled on the “Davos World Economic Forum”. Called the “World HAI/Resistance Forum”, each edition of this event brought together nearly 70 leading international experts in human and animal health, to discuss the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and propose concrete actions to decision-makers. This bi-annual meeting prompted the organization of satellite meetings on antibacterial resistance in several countries.

One of the outcomes of the World HAI/Resistance Forum was the creation of the initiative known as the “Global Point Prevalence Survey (GLOBAL-PPS)”, designed to provide a global “snapshot” of antibiotic use and resistance in hospitals.

bioMérieux also sponsors several symposia related to antibacterial resistance, in the framework of annual scientific meetings (e.g. ECCMID, ASM and IDWeek).

The Company also supports awareness initiatives and high-level scientific meetings, as well as national symposia and international awareness events (e.g. World Antimicrobial Awareness Week) related to antibacterial resistance.
The Company supports the declaration of the World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance. (ref.71)

bioMérieux joined the AMR Industry Alliance, formed in 2017, which today represents more than 100 biotechnology, diagnostics, generics and research-based pharmaceutical companies and trade associations. The AMR Industry Alliance is one of the largest private sector coalitions set up to provide sustainable solutions to the global antimicrobial resistance crisis. In 2020, the Alliance published its second progress report which provides a unique snapshot of the life sciences industry’s collective efforts in delivering on their global commitments and action to tackle the rise of antimicrobial resistance in the areas of research and science, access, appropriate use, and environmental manufacturing. Alliance member companies were surveyed and submitted data in 2019, quantifying their efforts on AMR relating to 15 commitments.
> Read the 2020 Progress Report

On January 20, 2017, on the fringes of the annual Davos World Economic Forum, a round table discussion was held on the topic of the fight against antimicrobial resistance and, more specifically, the necessary commitment in relation to diagnostic solutions. bioMérieux was part of this discussion, which brought together international stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.

On this occasion, bioMérieux reiterated the medico-economic value of diagnostic tests in this fight, for patients and public healthcare bodies alike.

In France, bioMérieux also played an active role in the launch of the Interministerial Plan to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance. During the 1st Interministerial Health Committee meeting held on November 17th, 2016, attended by Nicolas Cartier, Corporate VP, Industry Unit at bioMérieux, the roadmap presenting 13 measures and 40 actions to combat antibiotic resistance was adopted.